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In Focus

Shop talk sometimes goes in a very different direction than when it began. One day it all began with talk about a shirt with pineapples on it. The conversation went down hill from there.

My humor lives in the gutter at best and I couldn’t resist making a joke about the connection between pineapples and swingers.

I don’t know when, or how, but over the years pineapple door mats have become some sort of sign that the adults in the home are swingers. Whatever makes them happy. I grew up knowing that pineapples were a sign of “welcome” and hospitality that stemmed from Hawaiian culture. In some older, grand homes and mansions, pineapples might be carved into a door frame or are located on the end of a stair banister. I just saw it as a sign that those people were not hurting in the financial department.

Now, the meaning of those door mats and pineapple shirts has greatly changed the meaning of “welcome” if you catch my drift.

But that’s not all. Now a simple colored shower loofah signals what kind of swinger you may be and what you are into.

As per usual, I was doing some late night, mind numbing video surfing and came across a video about the different colored loofahs and what they mean. People even put them on their car antenna to signal to others what they are into. They may even be located on the door handle on their front door.

I found this interesting in the fact that people are more open to discussing sexuality, and literally putting it on display, and it’s becoming much less taboo. The things people come up with still surprises me.

Supposedly, the loofah color code is more common among retirement communities. And these communities allegedly have very high rates of STDs. Let that sink in...

All I know is I will never have to worry about the elderly being bored in a retirement community. Some are probably having the time of their lives...

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