Verndale School Board: District receives $250,877 in relief funds

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale School Board held their regular meeting on February 1.

Administrative Reports

Greg Johnson, dean of students and activities director, said Zach Brownlow was selected as the District 24 Triple A winner in the boy's division. The regional winner will be determined on February 9.

Winter sports are going smoothly. There is limited seating for fans, 150 people; two per participant for opponents. Getting tickets for everyone that wants to attend is the most difficult thing he has had to do in his career. They also received compliments from another school for how well they followed guidelines.

Principal Katie Bolland held a staff workshop day and worked on High Reliability Schools, and had interviews with Mr. Parker on assessments.

Seniors took the NCRC test.

Onsite COVID testing is available at the school for staff on February 16.

Snow Days will be the week of February 15, with Monday being coronation.

The teaching staff nominated Kelly Youngbauger and Nick Bunio for the Educators of Excellence.

Discussed the level three certification for High Reliability Schools to be moved to fall so Dr. Phil Warrick and staff can be present for the certification. . .

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