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A Matter of Perspective

A lot of people have been asking if I feel better.

The simple answer is “Yes.”

The more complex answer is “Sort of.”

I feel better after my bout with COVID-19. I still have issues with my breathing, though.

My lips have not been swelling up for whatever reason, except on every other Saturday and only for a brief amount of time. I have no idea why it is just on every other Saturday. I do nothing different. Well, one thing is different, but I am pretty sure that is not it or it would happen more often than just every other Saturday.

I continue to get hives quite often. They are not as bad as they were but still are a major aggravation. The itching tends to be unbearable at times.

As far as diabetes, I have met with a diabetes educator and we have worked on a few things to get my blood sugar numbers in check.

For one, we increased the insulin I take. It is up 20 units.

Secondly, I have been walking daily which is helping with my lung capacity for recovering from COVID-19 and is helping me take off a few pounds.

Thirdly, I have gotten back on the better eating wagon.

The hardest things to do are to motivate me to get up and take the daily walk and to eat better, more healthful foods.

I like eating junk. I think a lot of people like to eat junk.

When I was in college, there was a popular saying, “Garbage in=Garbage out.” Even though this is related to spiritual matters, I think it applies to our physical health, too.

If we are constantly eating junk food (garbage), our bodies will create garbage in the form of sickness, disease, organ breakdown, and the like.

On the other hand, if we put good things into the machine, we will keep it maintained, well-oiled and healthful!

Even though most of us probably know this, it is not an easy path to take. I think most healthy foods taste yucky!

Even though I know walking is the best exercise I can do right now, walking is hard. My hips hurt. My knees hurt. My back hurts.

But do you want to know what? It is getting easier.

I am finding foods that are good or at least better for me and they don’t taste too bad.

I am finding that the more I walk, the faster I am walking which means I am getting in more steps than I did even a week ago.

A week ago it took almost 30 minutes to walk a mile. Now I can do it in 27 minutes. This isn’t huge, it’s enormous for me!

If you want to read more about my daily habits and maybe even learn more about how to prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes, I encourage you to check out my website: You can also check out the Diabetes Health Nuts Facebook page.

This struggle isn’t easy, but with support from each other, I think we can beat this and live a healthier life than ever before.


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