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Crews is in 50 over 50 leaders

Cathy and Charles “Charlie” Crews of Staples. Charlie was recently added to AARP’s “50 Over 50 Leaders.” He is 90 years old. You may remember the story we did about Charlie’s daughter Teresa and the funds that were raised from “Teresa’s Stash” to support many Todd County non-profit groups.

by Karin L. Nauber

When you hear the name Charles “Charlie” Crews, you might think of many things. You might remember him from a computer class that he taught to senior citizens. You might remember him from his daughter’s story “Teresa’s Stash.”

There are probably hundreds of things that remind us of Charlie.

Now we have another reason to think about him. You can think of him as one of the “50 over 50 leaders” in Minnesota.

Charlie, who is a youthful 90 years old, was selected as one of the 2020 leaders by AARP Minnesota which works every day to challenge outdated beliefs and spark new solutions.

Pollen and AARP Minnesota came together to recognize and celebrate the possibilities and contributions that come with age.

Todd County Council on Aging (TCCA) Coordinator Verna Toenyan shared her nomination of Charlie for this honor.

Verna was a previous “50 over 50” recipient.

“Charlie Crews always analyzes a community need and develops a strategy to coordinate local resources and the skills of community members.

“He looks at solutions as well as creating a strategy of ‘common good!’” noted Verna.

She continued, “Crews was the instigator to meet the needs of an Initiative Foundation planning grant wherein computer classes were developed at senior centers. Seniors then became trainers to supply the tutors for future classes. This grant project was the initial phase of planning for the Hilltop Regional Kitchen. . .


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