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Looking Back

News from Bertha's and Hewitt's Pasts

25 Years Ago

January 3, 1996

Staci Sieling and Josh Hennagir, Bertha-Hewitt High School seniors, have been nominated for the Academics, Arts and Athletics Award. Both are active members in many activities. Staci has been active in volleyball, basketball, softball, band, FLA, BPA, peer helpers and other school and community activities. Josh has been involved in football, basketball, BPA, band and other school activities.


Independent Personalities: Harold Tritsch has a busy life. In addition to his responsibilities as mayor of Hewitt, he is also the president of the Hewitt Co-op Grocery. He is a member of the Hewitt Revitalization Group and the Todd County Development Board.

75 Years Ago

January 2, 1946

Cpl. L.H. Cary arrived home from Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, this morning following his discharge from the Army. Bud has been in Europe for the greater part of the past two years.


Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beilke, Sr., were happily surprised Christmas morning when Carl called from St. Paul to tell them he could be home for Christmas dinner. Due to the difficulties which had arisen in transportation, Mr. and Mrs. Beilke had almost given up the hope of having their entire family reunited for Christmas.


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